for Educators

Navigator Schools is committed to sharing best practices with schools and districts to ensure all students have access to the latest in educational strategies. We are thrilled to open the doors to Gilroy & Hollister Prep Schools, provide follow-up and deliverables designed to assist educators implement the strategies they saw into their classrooms.

"Through their sessions, I observed the Navigator team quickly build a strong, supportive adult culture among Wonderful teachers focused on one objective – better teaching in service of our students’ learning.  The culture in their sessions was safe for teachers, new and experienced, to be vulnerable and take massive risks by practicing with their newest colleagues.  Navigator leaders modeled for me how to reimagine professional development sessions to be teacher-oriented, practice-centered, and joyful.  By the end of the first day, our new teachers were clamoring for more time to practice and to get feedback from their peers and leaders, because they felt the value of practice to mastering the skills of teaching." Justin Steiner, Principal, Wonderful Prep K-5 Academy


"Over the past 3 years the team at Navigator, has gone above and beyond to provide information, host multiple visits by teams of educators from Healdsburg, share resources and has served as a source of inspiration. The lessons we have learned from Navigator Schools is transforming teaching and learning and the outcomes of our students."  Erin Fender, Healdsburg Unified School District

If you or your colleagues are interested in a tour, please contact Kirsten Carr,