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Our Approach

Navigator's mission is to equip students to be learners and leaders in high school, college, and beyond.  We develop top-tier teams of educators who continuously improve and innovate schools that deliver phenomenal outcomes for all students, regardless of their circumstances.
Reimagining Education
Navigator classrooms are unique, exciting, and special places to learn.  Using a model of data driven instruction and blended learning, Navigator is dedicated to increasing high quality educational opportunities for students in California's Central Coast region. All students are welcome at a Navigator School including those with limited English skills, special needs or learning challenges. 
Our teachers are dedicated to helping our students develop the strong fundamental language arts and mathematics skills that any and every child needs to succeed throughout their educational experience. Our teachers are coached constantly to ensure this goal is met.
Navigator Schools is not trying to reform education, we're re-imagining it.
  • We are obsessed with staying current with state content standards.

  • We pioneer strategies that engage all of a child's cognitive skills in the learning process.

  • We engage all of a child's cognitive skills with state of the art techniques and materials.

  • We harness technology as a tool to evaluate students and teachers on a daily basis.

    And how have we done so far? 

We've provided two performance challenged school districts with two of the highest performing schools in California.
We've accomplished these results including chronically underperforming student subgroups.
We've made our educational model available to our host districts.


At Navigator Schools, we do not believe the achievement gap is inevitable. We do not believe that parents should feel underserved by their children's public schools. And above all, we do not believe any child should have to wait for a good education.  We are committed to improving our community, and yours, through education.